Embassy Row Chocolate Tour: Special Valentines Guided Tour

ThingsToDoDC.com – February 10, 2019

Today, we’ll explore one of the most culturally fascinating areas of Washington, D.C. – “Embassy Row”. In a single afternoon, you’ll stand at the borders of Ireland, Romania, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more! Many of them will be decorated specially for the embassies and we will get a glimpse of their decorations surrounding their architecture. We will also hear some of the more romantic stories of this famous Avenue.

Someone said, decades ago, that in order to thrive as part of the Embassy Row scene, three things were needed: “protocol, alcohol, and geritol…” Fast forward fifty years as we take a walk along one of Washington’s most famous grand boulevards- Massachusetts Avenue’s Embassy Row. You will see some of the city’s grandest homes, learn about the foreign governments that now call them home, as well as the scandals and stories of the residents who used to own them. Ever wonder if the curse of the Hope Diamond is true? Come join us and find out!

In addition, we’ll sample Valentines chocolate for several different international countries! We will each savor multiple pieces of romantic chocolate or candy most admired to impress a significant other in countries from around the world.

Join our expert guide for this incredible inside look into Embassy Row.

(Note: There is an outdoor tour. While we may try to make arrangements to visit inside some diplomatic residences, this is not promised Expect most – if not all – of the tour to be an outside walking tour).

AFTER THE TOUR, join us for complimentary hot chocolate at The Fairfax Embassy Row! Hot Chocolate made with 3 levels (styles) of Felchlin couverture chocolate with housemade marshmallows. Participants will have the option of complimentary non-alcoholic hot chocolate (unlimited) or One complimentary Hot Chocolate with a pre-selected spirit shot. Additional Hot Chocolates with a shot will be available to purchase.

The SALLY - Chocolate Event

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